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Skilled - Sponsored (176) Visa

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This visa encourages skilled migrants to settle in regions of Australia where their skills are in demand. It provides permanent residency, with the ability to ultimately apply for Australian citizenship.
The Skilled – Sponsored (176) visa is offered by the Australian Government through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), however applicants need to be sponsored by a State/Territory government or an eligible relative living anywhere in Australia to be eligible for the visa.
Success in gaining state sponsorship or eligible relative sponsorship does not guarantee a grant of a Skilled – Sponsored (176) visa by DIAC.
Are you eligible?
Self assess against the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s (DIAC) regulations and eligibility criteria for the Skilled – Sponsored (176) visa.
To be eligible for sponsorship by the Victorian Government you must:

  • Have an occupation listed on the Victorian Government State SponsorshipEligibility List.

The eligibility list identifies skills in demand in Victoria, and is regularly updated to take into account changes in industry requirements for skilled professionals and tradespeople.
It provides information regarding eligibility requirements for occupations. You may be required to have a minimum number of years paid work experience in your nominated occupation, or a minimum English language standard.  For some occupations, the skills listed are broad and there will be a better chance of employment across all specialisations and across many areas of Victoria. In other cases, only certain specialisations within an occupation are in demand or the demand exists only in certain areas of Victoria.
The eligibility list is an indication only of those occupations in demand in Victoria and having an occupation on this list does not guarantee sponsorship.  The Victorian Government will consult with industry in Victoria to determine whether the combination of your qualifications, skills and experience would result in reasonable employment prospects.  If you already have a genuine job offer in Victoria, this will demonstrate that you satisfy this requirement.
Applicants meeting Skilled – Sponsored (subclass 176) requirements, must have been in paid employment in their nominated occupation within the past twelve months to be eligible for Victorian Government sponsorship.

  • Be committed to living and working in Victoria.

The Victorian Government will consider whether you have sufficient funds to establish yourself and your family (where applicable) in Victoria while you seek employment. It will also consider any connections you have with Victoria through family, friends, previous travel, study or employment