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Australian Skilled Visas – Skilled Visa Requirements


Below is a guide to basic requirements for a Skilled Visa.
All applicants for a Skilled Visa must be able to demonstrate the basic requirements detailed on this page.
Please be aware that there might be other ways of coming to Australia if you do not meet the basic requirements.


Basic Requirements:

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and younger than 50 at the time of application.

English language: Applicants must have "Competent" English. This means that they must speak English well enough to communicate in a work environment in Australia.

Nominated occupation:
 In order to apply for a skilled visa, applicants must nominate an occupation that appears on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or a State Migration Plan (SMP) list. Those with professions that are not on the lists are not eligible to apply. Once applicants nominate an occupation, they must have their skills assessed by a government appointed Australian Skills Assessing Authority in order to determine if their skills are appropriate for this visa type.

In order to qualify for most kinds of skilled visas, applicants must have either university or trade qualifications. However, this does not always apply and there are some occupations, where substantial work experience might suffice. The relevant Skills Assessing Authority will assess all certificates and work experience skills.

Recent work experience: 
Applicants are required to have recent work experience in their nominated occupation at the time the visa is lodged.