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Skilled Sponsored Visa Overview

This visa is not much different for the Skilled Independent Visa. It also uses a points test and allows you to migrate to Australia. The only difference between them is an extra stage (which is obtaining State Sponsorship). Having state sponsorship gives you 05 bonus points and quickens your overall immigration process. Each state of Australia offers this Sponsorship to the applicants whose occupation is in demand in that state. For this purpose the states have developed their own criteria and Skills Occupation Lists which can help you understand the application procedure and possibility of obtaining successful State Sponsorship. To know more about the states and their State Sponsorship Offer Policy, please visit the links below:

To be eligible for this visa the applicant needs to fulfill all the requirements of Skilled Independent Visa (General Skilled Migration) along with the requirements of the state where they’ll be seeking sponsorship for immigration. To calculate your points with the addition of bonus points of State Sponsorship, please click here.

MUMTAZ IMMIGRATION SERVICES offers complete facilitation in obtaining state sponsorship. We have been successful in all applications of state sponsorship which were filed from our office. The State Sponsorship Program is very complex and if the application is not filed with proper guidance and preparation, it may get delayed for over months.