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Visa Application Cost


Cost and Fees
The cost for Australian Immigration Application (Skilled & Business) applies as the case progresses therefore the applicant doesn’t have to worry about bearing the costs all at once. A list of costs and fees is given below with description of each stage:
Skills Assessment: 400-600 AUD
This cost may vary from case to case because each assessing authority charges a different fee and your exact fee can only be determined once your assessing authority is selected.
State Sponsorship: 250-300 AUD
The fee for State Sponsorship may also vary from case to case and depends on where you’re filing your Application for Sponsorship.
Visa Application: 2960 AUD
The visa application fee is same in each case for the main applicant however there may another fee of 4110 AUD if there’re other family members are included in your applications and those have less than functional English Proficiency.
There may be some procedural cost involved in your skilled migration application which is for the

  • Translation of documents
  • Attestation
  • Obtainment of various documents from Govt Authorities.
  • IELTS Test Preparation
  • IELTS Examination Fee

*Please note that these fees are official fees only i.e. fees charged by the Australian Authorities and does not include our professional fee.