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State Sponsored Visa Costs and Process Time

State sponsored migration program costs no higher than 200 AUD to 300 AUD per application. The process time is also as short as that of skills assessment application (i.e. 2-3 months). However the fees change from session to session therefore it is advisable that the applicants confirm the fees before filing their application with the state authority. Process times also differ from case to case and only the properly completed application are processed as soon as they’re received while the ones which are received with incomplete documentation or inappropriate fee are either returned to the applicant or put in wait and are not processed until the applicant completes all requirements.

MUMTAZ IMMIGRATION SERVICES team has been facilitating the clients in obtaining state sponsorship since the launch of this program in Nov last year. Our expert researchers and case workers master the applications with such perfection that they’re processed within the right time and requirements.