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Immigrating to New Zealand
Skilled Migrant
Work to Residence
Residence from Work

Well known for its exceptionally friendly people, this beautiful country is often an easy choice for South Africans looking for greener pastures. With a rugby culture as ours there is always someone to discuss the latest news with in a pub, shops or on the side of the road. New Zealand has a fairly large South African community, as it is one of the more straightforward countries for South Africans to immigrate to through their points system. Test whether you would qualify to work in New Zealand by trying our New Zealand Immigration Calculator.

New Zealand has the following categories that will allow an individual to work and live there:

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Skilled Migrant
The immigration program of New Zealand for skilled workers is very unique and requires an applicant to be very highly skilled and qualified to be eligible for it...
Work to Residence
There is two further visas that you may use to live and work in New Zealand, they are...
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