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When to Divorce

If you are in a marriage that requires you to:

  • put aside goals you have set for yourself,
  • isolates you from friends and family,
  • limits what you are allowed to do for entertainment,
  • change your belief system,
  • constantly nag to get what you want and need,
  • make excuses for your spouse’s behavior,
  • feel as if you have to walk on eggshells,
  • live in fear of abuse,
  • let go of who you are as an individual,
  • worry constantly over the problems in the marriage,
  • Physical and Mental Abuse.
  • Unreasonable restrictions and limitations
  • question yourself over and over again about why you are still there,
  • It is time to give up if you find yourself consumed with worry over the problems in your marriage even though you have done all you know you can do to try and solve those problems.
  • When the problems in your marriage consume most of your energy, you are wasting energy and should move on.
  • The waiting game keeps you from living in the hear and now. It keeps you from dealing with and seeing the reality of your situation.
  • What if, 25 years from now you are still waiting, still giving up who you are and what you want? Can you honestly say that you will like the person you will become while waiting for someone else to meet your needs?
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