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After the Estonia in 2004 became a full member of the European Union, many Russian citizens interested in obtaining residency in this country. And it is not surprising. After a residence permit in one of the European states has many advantages. This possibility of visa-free visits to European countries, and higher living standards, and preferential European education, low-cost of doing business, etc. Between Russia and Estonia, the law of the absence of double taxation. Government of Estonia has a positive attitude to the fact that many foreigners were interested in doing business in the country. Therefore, obtaining a residence permit in Estonia on the basis of registration of the Estonian company pretty fast way to get the status of "resident of the EU."

Residence permit in Estonia for a period of 2-5 years, given the European ID card;
Estonian company, through which it is convenient to operate (the profit tax to "0"; inexpensive service companies, internet accounting);

Estonian driver`s license (if desired);

In the future opportunity to obtain permanent residence, as well as the Estonian citizenship and Estonian passport.

The advantages of owning a residence in the European Union (EU):

Unlimited stay (with the right to work) throughout the EU;

Visiting without a visa more than a hundred countries;

Eligible for a concession / free education in Europe;

Import into Russia of vehicles free of customs duties (temporary import up to 1 year);

Tax planning (use of the law there is no double taxation of Russia / France);

"Personal Safety" - the ability to quickly and legally leave the country in case of "force majeure" circumstances;

In case of withdrawal of the Estonian driver`s license in Russia for any situation, you can quickly restore them in Estonia.
and other benefits. Requirements