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Terms of Engagments
Following are the general terms of engaging Mumtaz & Associates. It may be modified only by mutual written consent.


Before commencement of work, a written document from the client confirming the scope of the engagement shall be executed. The Engagement Letter shall include Terms of Reference from our client and as part of the engagement, our client shall authorize the firm to execute on your behalf all complaints, claims, verifications, dismissals, deposits, orders, or other documents within the scope of the engagement. However, we will not settle a lawsuit or other dispute without your advance consent


Each client is served by an associate who has primary responsibility for communication between the firm and the client. Your work or parts of it, may be delegated to other associates or staff for the purpose of involving specialists or to ensure provision of service in the most efficient and timely manner.


We are committed to charging our clients reasonable fees. In determining the amount to charge for our services, we consider several factors including the complexities and time involved in the legal process.


In addition to professional fees, payments for additional expenses including charges for Court Fees, Publications, Certified Copies, Court Reporting, Notary, Commissioner's Fees and other Miscellaneous expenses or charges for any other services arranged by the firm shall be paid by the client.


If payment of expenses becomes more than 30 days past due, the firm may stop performing legal work until cleared.


You may terminate the engagement at any time, with or without cause, by providing written notice to the firm for withdrawal of the engagement letter. Your termination of our services will not affect your responsibility for payment of fees and charges incurred before termination or in connection with an orderly transition of the matter.
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