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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Many Large firms and Organization’s Board of Directors and Chief Executives are forward planning to take steps for Mergers and Acquisitions as the demand for the right corporate structure, Economic Value, Greater Investment in R&D and Greater Efficiency is ripe. However the crucial need of proper legal advice and strategy for corporate finance, tax, intellectual property and corporate structure requirements must be aligned with the strategic objectives to achieve their goals.

We at Mumtaz & Associates, coordinate complex merger & acquisition transactions successfully, address regulatory requirements, prepare all documentation, advise on tax matters, provide due diligence investigations and furnish necessary legal opinions for achieving the objectives of our clients.

Our Expertise and Legal Assistance can be availed in the following areas
Post-transaction support — We support clients in creating value from acquisitions by planning for tax efficient post-acquisition integration or post-divestiture reorganization as part of the process, helping our client’s operations to meet new business needs.

Due Diligence – We are consulted to investigate and provide our legal due diligence reports so as to enable our clients to take the initiative for Mergers & Acquisitions.

Corporate Structuring - Upon successfully completing due diligence and upon furnishing our recommendation, we are thereafter engaged for corporate restructuring and drafting necessary agreements and indemnities for protecting our client’s interest.

Financial planning — Our Merger & Acquisition Teams of Barristers and Solicitors seeks to focus on achieving the most favorable financial terms, and finance documentation as well as trading structures.

Risks identification — Mumtaz & Associates is regularly consulted to identify, analyze and plan for risk identification and preventions methods arising in corporate transactions.

Follow ups – We also provide a facility of Follow ups and regular consultation to our clients subsequent to such corporate transactions for total peace of mind.

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