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After Divorce
Khula Decree

If a women is seeking to exercise her right for dissolution of Marriage and she was not granted a delegated right of Divorce in her Nikhanama, then she is duty bound under the law to apply for Khula from the concerned court. She must file her application with specific statement that she is unable to live with her husband.

Upon filing for an application for Khula, notices are issued to the Husband, thereafter the matter is fixed for reconciliation by the court, if the same fails and the applicant submits her statement in person before the Family Judge and she is unable to live with her husband under any circumstance then Khula Decree is granted.

It is pertinent to note that Khula Decree does not mean that dissolution of marriage is complete. The Applicant must thereafter file an application before the concerned union council for obtaining a certificate. Upon receving the application the iddat period for three month commences.

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