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UK immigration

UK immigration
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With the introduction of the Certificate of Approval rules in UK immigration law, general visitors are no longer entitled to marry or enter into a Civil Partnership in the UK.

However, it is still possible to apply for a specific Marriage Visitor visa which allows applicants to enter the UK to marry or enter into a Civil Partnership without seeking any further leave to remain. For example this visa would be perfect for applicants with a specific desire to get married in a romantic Scottish castle! Both parties to the marriage are required to leave the UK at the end of their visa.

The Free Marriage Visitor visa Eligibility Assessment is designed to instantly determine if you are eligible to apply for a UK Visitor visa. It uses criteria set by the UK Border Agency and is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced online Migration Assessment tool available.


To qualify for a Marriage Visitor visa, the following pre-requisites must be satisfied:

  • Applicants must have the intention to give notice of marriage or civil partnership, or marry or form a civil partnership, in the United Kingdom within the period for which entry is sought;
  • Intend to leave the United Kingdom at the end of the period of the visit;
  • Do not intend to engage in employment, business and studies; and
  • Are able to maintain and accommodate themselves and any dependants.


This visa entitles holders to visit the UK for up to a maximum of six (6) months allowing them to marry or enter into a civil partnership in the UK and they may be allowed multiple entries during the six (6) month period.