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Denmark as Your Immigration Destination

Studying and living in Denmark

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English Schools in Denmark

Moving to Denmark and looking for an international school for your children? Here is a list of all international schools in Denmark.
Copenhagen area:
Bernadotte Skolen

Tlf. +45 39 62 12 15
Hellerupvej 11
DK-2900 Hellerup
Bjørn's International School: consists of two departments: Danish-speaking and English-speaking. The Danish-speaking department is comprised of Pre-school to grade 9, and the English-speaking department is comprised of grades 1-9. The English-speaking department educates children who are resident in Denmark for a limited period, while the Danish-speaking department provides a bridge between schools abroad and the Danish State Education system.
Tlf +45 39292937
Gartnerivej 5
2100 Copenhagen

Copenhagen International School (CIS): a complete Pre-K through IB educational program. Admission is based on previous school records, personal interview, admission tests and on the school's ability to offer a program suitable for the applicant's educational needs.
Tlf. +45 39 463300
Hellerupvej 22-26
2900 Hellerup

Hørsholm International School: is a private day school for children from the ages of 3-16, preschool to 10th grade. National, IB, curricula. Approximately 180 students and 25 staff, from over 22 countries.
Christianshusvej 16
2970 Hørsholm

Østerbro International School: children from the age of 5 to 15. All teaching is in English. The school follows the IB curriculum.
Tlf. +45 70206368
Præstøgade 17
7430 Copenhagen Ø

Nørre Gymnasium
Tlf. +45 44942722
Mørkhøjvej 78
2700 Brønshøj

Prince Henrik's School
Lycée français de Copenhague
Tlf. +4533212048
Frederiksberg Allé 22 A
1820 Frederiksberg C

Rygaards School: is a private state-subsidized school directed by a school board. There is a Danish Department serving a community permanently resident in Denmark and an International Department serving those who are in Denmark on a temporary basis. UK, IB, curricula.
320 students, 4-16 yrs
Tlf.+45 39 621053
Bernstorffsvej 54
2900 Hellerup

Sankt Petri Schule

Tlf. +45 33130462
Larslejsstræde 5
1451 Copenhagen K

Esbjerg International School accepts students aged 5-17 and teaches using the Cambridge International Curriculum. Students currently come from 10 different countries. First and additional languages taught include Danish, German and Spanish. EIS is operated by a board of elected parents in Esbjerg, Denmark.
Nygårdsvej 82
6700 Esbjerg
Tlf. 7610 5399 or 2913 0502

Ikast-Brande International School: caters for children from 4 to 16 years old.
Tlf. +45 99604646
Vestergade 47-49
7430 Ikast

The Cosmo: International School of Southern Denmark
Vesterbrogade 6
6000 Kolding
Tlf.: +45 7552 0500

Herlufsholm Skole: Danish co-ed national boarding school. 50 students, 15-20 yrs.
Tlf. +4555753500
+45 5575 3500
Herlufsholm Alle 170
4700 Næstved

Tokai University Boarding School
Tlf. +45 55909090
Evensølundvej 5
4720 Præstø

International School of Århus
Tlf. 45 86 11 45 60
Engtoften 22
8260 Viby J

International School of Als : offers two programmes - the Primary Years Programme for students aged 6 - 11 years and the Middle Years Programme for students aged 12 -16 years.
Tlf. 45 74430550
Vølundsgade 18
6400 Sønderborg