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Denmark as Your Immigration Destination

Studying and living in Denmark

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Financial Requirement For Denmark

If you want to obtain a residence permit under the greencard scheme and want to bring your spouse/partner and child, you are required to document that you have sufficient funds amounting to DKK 5,267 per month required to provide for yourself, DKK 5,267 per month to provide for your spouse/partner and DKK1,317 per month to provide for your child.

In all, you must be able to prove that you have financial resources amounting to DKK 142,212 – (5,267 + 5,267 + 1,317) x 12 – the equivalent of one year of Start Help benefits for the same size family.

Please note: If your child/children apply for an independent residence permit but your spouse/partner (the child's/children's other parent) does not apply for a residence permit, the monthly Start Help amount is DKK 1,589 per child.