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Power of Attorney
At Mumtaz & Associates we are regularly consulted to draft Power of Attorneys, dully enforceable under the Pakistani Laws. In Pakistan the Law of authorised attorneys are governed under the “The Power of Attorney Act 1882”. We can draft specialists Powers and ensure that the same are registered before the concerned registrar who is responsible for hold the record of rights.

What we can do online for you?

  1. Draft General Power of Attorney to manage the affairs of property or business etc.
  2. Draft General Power, with a special Power to Sell an immovable property.
  3. Draft Special Power of Attorney to give evidence in Court or Tribunal.
  4. Draft Special Power of Attorney for a specific purpose.
  5. Registration of Power of Attorney with the concerned Registrar.

How to Engage us?
This document can be drafted and be made available for Rs. 2,500 (Pak Rupees). excluding all delivery charges, as well as cost of judicial Stamp Paper.
Please Note that cost of Stamp Paper is Rs. 500 except, for Power to Sell. If you Engage us to draft Power of Attorney with a specific Power to Sell, then the Cost of Stamp Paper will be Rs. 5000/- and the same shall be compulsorily registerable before the Registrar, which shall be charged separately.

You can choose to have your documents emailed to you, or sent by first class post. We aim to prepare your documents by the end of the three working days, although in practice we normally start preparing your document within hours of receiving payment.

Cost of Registration?
Our Professional Fees for registration of a General Power of Attorney is Rs. 10,000 (Pak Rupees), excluding official charges for registration. The Registration Fees is calculated at 1% of the Property Value and Challans for delivery of Registered document are valued in three parts. Ordinary Fees is Rs. 500/- Urgent Fees is Rs. 3000/- and Most Urgent is Rs. 10,000/-

If you have any quires, or wish to place any order by post please feel free to contact us.

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